Re: [Usability] Some interesting user feedback

That whole dialog definitely needs some love. the 'fatal error' bit is
useless, and the web page does not actually have more information :) I'd
love for some recommendations from this list on how to make it more
useful; my personal guess would be something like 

The "$APPNAME" application has crashed. If you submit a report on this
crash, you can help us improve our software. 
[ Exit application ] [ Submit crash report ]

'Submit crash report' still has the problem listed here, but something
like 'begin crash submission process' is probably too long/convoluted
for a button.


On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 11:52, Bryan W Clark wrote:
> Here's some interesting user feedback, perhaps it suggests that we need
> to re-word the crash dialog, there are some other things mentioned as
> well [1] [2].
> <snip who="Rommel B. IKEDA" from="gnome-list gnome org">
> [...]
> another message comes out...."Application "epiphany-bin" (process #) has
> crashed due to fatal error." I am then again given 2 choices "Close"
> "Submit a bug" ....Since I do not know how to submit a bug, I always
> choose "Close"....
> </snip>
> ~ Bryan
> [1] Original Message:
> [2] Look at me, I'm just like jdub!  Except I don't steals dreams from
> small children and sells their distilled energy to large multi-national
> corporations to feed my own habits. :-)

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