Re: [Usability]Re: Nautilus toolbar simplification

Michele Campeotto <ml micampe it> said:
>   I agree with Jens' opinion on stop/reload buttons (wouldn't be nice to 
> copy safary here? just one button that does both stop and reload...)

This is a really bad idea for at least 2 reasons that I can think of:

1. In general its better to have a single control that does one and only one 
thing. This makes developing muscle memory easier, and allows the user not to 
think as much.

2. What happens if a users begins to click stop right as the operation is 
completing, accidentally reloading the page, folder whatever...because the 
operation of the button changed mid click.


Reasons why this thread and the web browser thread are a waste of time

1. Maintainers are not involved.
2. Maintainers in the past have expressed zero interest in adding tabs (thank 
3. We already have a few decent gnome based web browsers
4. The file manager/web browser union is just an excuse to expose an 
implementation detail (urls).
5. Nautilus is in feature freeze for the near term future
6. I get at least 3 copies of every email attached to this thread.
7. Just rehashing conversation that has happened a million times before on 
the mailing list.
8.  ....
9.  ....
10. ....

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