Re: [Usability]Re: Nautilus toolbar simplification

Il mar, 2003-03-11 alle 16:35, bordoley msu edu ha scritto:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Reasons why this thread and the web browser thread are a waste of time
> 1. Maintainers are not involved.
> 2. Maintainers in the past have expressed zero interest in adding tabs (thank 
> god)
> 3. We already have a few decent gnome based web browsers
> 4. The file manager/web browser union is just an excuse to expose an 
> implementation detail (urls).
> 5. Nautilus is in feature freeze for the near term future
> 6. I get at least 3 copies of every email attached to this thread.
> 7. Just rehashing conversation that has happened a million times before on 
> the mailing list.
> 8.  ....
> 9.  ....
> 10. ....

11. a web browser isn't a simple html viewer (bookmark, history....)

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