Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: [Usability] Evolution 2.0

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 06:19, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> See, the thing is, that in our world (which one could argue is more than
> ideal, because it actually exists), we don't have desks and filing cabinets
> sitting at the side of the street waiting for us to deposit our mail. Which
> is rather fortunate, all things considered.

No, but I do have a desk and a filing cabinet full of emails and
attachments that I've printed out... and there's nothing currently
resembling a slot in Evolution that I can post emails into anyway, so it
wouldn't be breaking any existing metaphors :o)

> Please, let's concentrate on making the application as good as it can be,
> without getting into wishy-washy discussions about irrelevant paradigm
> shifting.

Agreed this isn't necessarily the time to discuss it, but "as good as it
can be" certainly includes "familiar and consistent with other apps on
the desktop".  My Evo window has a treeview, a list of messages and a
preview area (I've turned off the crummy shortcut bar).  My Nautilus
window has a treeview, a list of files and no preview area... hey,
sounds like we've just solved that long running "how should you preview
files in nautilus" thread as well :o)


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