[Usability] migrating from kde to gnome: Which Mailer ( evolution ) recommendet ?

Hello !
I'm not on the lists - please cc to me.

How much effort is it to move from Linux KDE 3.1 - KMail  to a gnome solution ?
I don't like Mozilla  (i use galeon), and Sylpheed is too 'small' for my purpose.
Perhaps Evolution ?
But first I'd like to know if evolution could use my very large 'Mail' folder
 (which is in kind of maildir format, but i fear, not pure standard).
AFAIK Kmail does not offer any feature to export a whole mail tree.
Is this a known issue ?
Can i import a csv addressbook (which is the only format KMail exports).
Also, Is there a database interface to OpenOffice ?



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