Re: [Usability] "File views"

Andrew W. Nosenko wrote:

Therefore: Leave system directories in place.  Without any "turn
on"/"turn off" -- these directories exists?  Yes.  Therefore should be
showed.  The dot.
Not very convincing to me. Not everything that exists needs to be showed:

- "." directory doesn't add much functionality, and it's another dir to skip when navigating via keyboard (more keystrokes for little gain, bad thing IMHO) - ".." directory sometimes adds much to usability (see: Norton Commander clones), the name may be cryptic but that may be explained with a proper icon, or replacing ".." with some different text like "[ parent directory ]" - system directories (/usr and so on) - too useful to be skipped IMHO, if not for other things then for tech support - switchable user/system files view might be an answer, but may be an overkill (what if user directories are scattered around the directory tree ? what about /tmp ?) - .hidden directories - they're usually useless for most purposes (and get in the way making other, more important, directories harder to access = anti-usability), but sometimes they contain editable preference files etc - it might be nice if there was a _button_ (or _directly_ accessible menu option) for showing/hiding them in the file dialog/manager etc - if the option is too well hidden, the user might be unaware of the fact she looks at the filtered version of the directory listing


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