Re: [Usability] "File views"

Dan Zlotnikov wrote:
: My understanding of Victor's suggestion is that the system
: directories not be completely hidden, but that they be included in a list
: of directories Nautilus hides to start with, always giving the option to
: turn that feature off. It can be as simple as a basic/advanced mode
: switch.

Bad idea.  Just because GNOME, IMHO, going to fire advanced users ["we
kill this feature because this confuse new users" -- and this enforce me
to think about some another desktop :-(].  If some feature will be
declared as "for power users" today, then this feaure will removed from
GNOME tomorrow :-(

Therefore: Leave system directories in place.  Without any "turn
on"/"turn off" -- these directories exists?  Yes.  Therefore should be
showed.  The dot.

Andrew W. Nosenko    (awn bcs zp ua)

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