Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 13:22, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 13:12, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> > I'd say that it's probably good for both GNOME and KDE that
> > we are somewhat diverging on target users. We are now providing a
> > greater user group with a free desktop (be it KDE or GNOME). 
> one single and simple question...
> ... 'who are your target users' ?
> i want to understand that.. seriously...

People like me or Mike. Developers, experienced users and new users who
want to spend their time working, developing and having fun with their
personal computer. People who want something that just works reliable
and well, even if it means they have to adjust to the system instead of
adjusting the system to their needs. 
There is no other free desktop environment offering this while their is
plenty of choice for people like you. If enough people would be
interested, it wouldn't even be a problem to build a community around
continuing GNOME 1.x development or forking GNOME 2 into something more
There is no other choice for people like me, so it doesn't really matter
of which there are (or will be) more GNOME users. Especially as neither
of us will be able to answer this question. In my experience, most
people love the new GNOME way while only a few object to this. In your
experience, most people hate the new GNOME way while only a few adorse
it.  We both are biased and judge the whole situation mostly on people
in our surroundings. The only thing this proofes is that there is a
market for both kind of people and GNOME is targeting the market I'm
interesting in. 

I don't like that you constantly try to put down the work of the people
who provide this marvelous software for people like me and many others.
I don't like that in some cases you even offend them for disagreeing
with your point of view. I'm glad that people like Jeff Waugh or Havoc
Pennington have the patience and nerves to even answer you in every
detail and still go on doing what they think is the right thing. 

Please take the decision to either support the GNOME project with it's
current direction (criticising and improving the small details, not the
whole lot) or leave it and support something that you can really agree

I beg you, let's stop this insanity.


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