Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

tis 2002-10-08 klockan 10.26 skrev Ali Akcaagac:

> now turning GNOME into MacOS (what they actually are doing) is not the
> right way. it may look good for many people but at the final end, which
> users are you trying to reach with that ? for the 95% of Microsoft many
> people would probably switch to KDE as soon as they see it and make it
> look like Windows 2000 or XP which can be done within 10 seconds (at
> least i assume this only but the functionality is cool and in some
> places better than on Microsoft products.)

I know lots of people using Microsoft Windows without liking it. Mostly
because they can't choose since they are forced to use Windows at work.
I think this is rather common among Windows users.
> but on the otherhand you can count yourself. these 95% have choosen
> Microsoft products to get work done otherwise they have decided to use
> MacOS. If I would been asked today what to use then i would tell them
> Windows because to get work done. A MacOS based system would probably
> cover dust within one week here.

Since most of the machines that people have are PC's they can't run
MacOS even if they wanted. 

If you want a Windows clone, why don't you go use KDE if that is what
you think is a better copy of it. Why do you need to turn GNOME into
another one. I'd say that it's probably good for both GNOME and KDE that
we are somewhat diverging on target users. We are now providing a
greater user group with a free desktop (be it KDE or GNOME). 

I for one see myself as an advanced user and a developer (both on GNOME
and other projects) and I really love the way GNOME has turned. Now I
have a desktop that makes it easy to focus on hacking rather than
searching for configure options. 

As for Metacity, I think it's just as easy as a window manager should be
and it suites perfectly for the default window manager in GNOME 2. For
those that wants a more configurable window manager there still is
Sawfish and the users that needs this extra settings will be experienced
enough to learn how to switch into using it instead.

So, if KDE suites you guys needs better than the way GNOME has turned,
please consider switching to it instead of trying to turn GNOME into a
Windows/KDE-clone. Personally I'm sure that this is the right way for
GNOME and I see it as a much more interesting project as a developer.
It's harder and more challenging to produce something that is easy to
use and gets the job done for most people than to add options for each
and every persons personal likings.

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
CodeFactory AB        
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