Re: [Usability]fullscreen mode

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> Sinzui Kobalt <sinzui cox rr com> writes: 
> > But I do think we need some rules when using it.  Alt-tab is busted in
> > Galeon's fullscreen mode.  There should be button to normal mode, and
> > something that gives access to apps outside the browser.
> This is why gnome-terminal fullscreen mode requires window manager
> support, so Alt-tab etc. continue to work correctly.

Sometimes you don't want alt-tab to work correctly though. :-)

[ If that were the case, you'd probably just be running the application in
an X session on its own without a window manager... Which means you need
application support. Or, if you ran the window manager, the app would have
to be able to tell it to go full screen. ]

- Jeff

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