Re: [Usability] My take on Nautilus must-fix proposal

On 28Oct2001 07:17PM (-0500), Liam Quin wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 12:15:40PM -0400, Alex Barnes wrote:
> > On my admittedly underpowered Pentium 166MHz with 64MB of RAM, running
> > nautilus-1.0.4-ximian under gnome 1.4, these are the results I get:
> > First Nautilus Window:	10s
> > Second Nautilus Window:	 6s
> > Changing directories:	 4s (even with 300+ files in the directory)
> Here it takes approx 20 seconds (650MHz PIII, 380M of RAM) and
> between 30 seconds and a minute before my home directory finishes
> updating the thumbnails.
> If I double click on a folder (they all have the same icon for some reason,
> a plain document) 

If folders have a document icon instead of a folder icon, you probably
have a broken install or some other local configuration problem. I'd
advise fixing that before doing timing tests.

 - Maciej

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