Re: [Tracker] miner-fs: Placing monitors on directories takes way too much time

I will try d-bus-1.3 and latest tracker.

Opps, yea, I meant 1.3.1, not 3.7. Also, note, 1.3.0 is buggy so you 
will need 1.3.1. This should avoid quite some memory copies 
when indexing.

I tried tracker git code (master, last update Sep 7). But test results show it is ~15% slower than 
And I tried d-bus-1.3.1. It did not help in my case. 

dbus is one of the bottlenecks. Tests show 1000 continuous INSERTs will block the d-bus in my system. 

To reduce the dbus overhead, I tried to group the UPDATE for files of a dir into one update. Tests show it is 
~2X faster. Here are the logs:
(Notes: among the 10693 files, 10654 files are photos.) 

tracker git master:
Finished mining in seconds:232.713859, total directories:354, total files:10693

Finished mining in seconds:200.689239, total directories:354, total files:10693

tracker-0.9.16 with group update (testing code segment is attached.)
Finished mining in seconds:92.813985, total directories:354, total files:10693

What do you think about the idea "grouping the updates for files of one dir into one update"? 


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