[Tracker] miner-fs: Placing monitors on directories takes way too much time


I decided I wanted to monitor recursively my whole $HOME directory, and
it takes more than two hours for tracker-miner-fs to place monitors on
each directory recursively, until I made it stop.

Is that normal?

At 11:30 I was fed up and decided to stop it from indexing $HOME and
start index where I am working on my tracker extractor plugin (where I
have example files I want tracked).

I can understand it might take some time, considering I have many
folders and many subfolders, way too many git repositories and old
projects, but still ... (only 72 git repos)

It takes approximately 2 seconds for tracker to place a monitor on a
directory and do what needs to be done within, I thought it could be

Attached, a snip of my tracker-fs log file

For a smaller hierarchy, where there are only 334 directrories (229 from
tracker-miner-fs log) and 3688 files it took 5 minutes. I have a
checkout of the tracker git repository, and perhaps two other git
repositories (libtinymail and camel-lite which was part of


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