Re: [Tracker] miner-fs: Placing monitors on directories takes way too much time

On 03/09/10 10:07, Chen, Zhenqiang wrote:
Any comments on how to improve it?

Are you using glib unicode parsing? We changed configure to require
!glib yesterday, the indexing performance difference is incredible,
solved with:

   sudo apt-get install libunistring-dev

Upgrading to D-Bus 3.7 and getting the latest 0.9.x release will make
quite a difference too (with direct-access in there too the miner-fs
communication is faster) and signals emitted are more efficient too
since yesterday's release.


I will try d-bus-1.3 and latest tracker.

Opps, yea, I meant 1.3.1, not 3.7. Also, note, 1.3.0 is buggy so you will need 1.3.1. This should avoid quite some memory copies when indexing.


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