Re: [Tracker] miner-fs: Placing monitors on directories takes way too much time

For me, an initial index takes:

  Finished mining in seconds:303.820123, total 
directories:2224, total 

For crawling subsequent times takes:

  Finished mining in seconds:26.631053, total directories:2224, total 

But my test shows tracker related modules take ~150% CPU, especially tracker-store.

Test HW: ASPIREone (netbook)  SW: MeeGo, tracker-0.9.16, sqlite-3.6. 

tracker-control -r
tracker-control -s

tracker-store: ~95%
dbus-daemon:   ~22%
tracker-miner-fs: ~18%
tracker-extractor: ~12%

As I understand most time consuming work are IO opertions, which should not take much CPU. As comparison, I 
cp all the files, it takes only ~30% CPU. 

The data for dbus-daemon, tracker-miner-fs and tracker-extractor seam reasonable. 
Do you think it is reasonable for tracker-store?

Profiles show "sqlite3_step" indirectly called in "update_sparql" takes most of the time. 

Any comments on how to improve it?


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