Re: [Tracker] Fwd: tracker & nautilus integration += metatags

Well, thank you for your suggestion but I don't really think I will be
able in the future to maintain it... And since tracker itself contains
other nautilus extensions, I thought that (after a big long test) it
could be great if also the metadata extension would be added in the
official package.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that the test I did wasn't so much useful
since I have the problem that the function tracker_metadata_get()
hardly ever returns valid metadata: always empty strings even if the
file is watched by tracker (I think this is a bug)

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 11:42 AM, Ivan Frade <ivan frade nokia com> wrote:
Hi Yelo,

 Thank you for the work. I cannot test it now (maybe somebody in the
list can try it and give you some feedback) but it is a very good idea.

 I think that it should be a project by itself. Have you though about
open a project in sourceforge?

 You can also create a debian package called "nautilus-tracker-plugin"
that depends on "libtracker" and "nautilus" (i dont know the details of
nautilus or his packages).

 Thanks for your work,


El mié, 23-07-2008 a las 21:05 +0200, ext yelo_3 escribió:
Hello, sorry for the delay. I have the extension ready! (ok it has not
been tested deeply, but I'm sure you'll help me)
The tar.gz contains a few files:
nautilus-metadata-attribute.h (a definition of a struct)
nautilus-metadata-columns-interface.* (the part that is directly
linked to nautilus: the column extension interface implementation)
nautilus-metadata-info-interface.* (the part that is directly linked
to nautilus: the fileinfo extension interface implementation)
nautilus-metadata-columns.* (the generic fonction that returns the
list of coulmns, which calls an abstract function to be implemented)
nautilus-metadata-info.* (these files contain the implementation of
the functions that nautilus calls to gather attributes for files: they
simply create a thread, extract the result calling an abstract
function, save and cache the result).

the following files are the implementation of the abstract function
defined in nautilus-metadata-extractor.h

you can run ./ to compile and install the extension (works in ubuntu)
Tell me what do you think
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