Re: [Tracker] Fwd: tracker & nautilus integration += metatags

Oh yes, but I was looking to a function that returns all the metadata
"keys", so I used "keyword", but now I know that its wrong.
I think this is what I'm looking for:

<!-- returns an array of all metadata types that are registered for a
certain class
    You can enter "*" as the class to get all metadat types for all classes
tracker_metadata_get_registered_types(TrackerClient *client, const
char *classname, GError **error);

so I had a look at what a class name is at the top of tracker-introspect.xml:
".....Services may also have a corresponding metadata class associated
with them (EG Files has "File" class, Documents "Doc" etc see
the spec at
for more details on metadata classes)......"

<!-- Gets all implemented services and also returns any corresponding
metadata type class for the service (IE "File", "Doc", "Image" etc)
  If main_services_only is set to true then only the major services are returned
  Output is in dict format: (service -> description, parent)  -->       
GHashTable * tracker_get_services (TrackerClient *client, gboolean
main_services_only, GError **error);

will return a hashtable with all services as keys, but where is the
metadata type class that is promised?

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