Re: [Tracker] tracker & nautilus integration += metatags

Thank you Ivan for pointing me to tracker-introspect.xml
so If I'm not wrong that GPtrArray is NULL terminated and contains two char*.
but if I do result[0] it is alwais NULL. This means for instance that
the Audio service has no keywords.

Maybe I misunderstood the meaning of "keyword".
for the Audio service, Audio:Title is a keyword, am I right?
And tracker should automatically add keywords for watched files.

If trakcer does not automatically add keywords like Audio:Title, this
extension won't work, unless there is an API to extract from the
tracker db the all tags belonging to a file (for Audio, Video, Images
and Documents services).


On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 2:32 PM, Ivan Frade <ivan frade nokia com> wrote:
Hi Yelo,

El mié, 16-07-2008 a las 12:23 +0200, ext yelo_3 escribió:
I'm really stuck with tracker api... Is there any documentation?

 At the moment, you can read the comments in the XML description of the

I have 2 problems that I hope someone will solve:
1) GPtrArray * tracker_keywords_get_list (TrackerClient *client,
ServiceType service, GError **error);   what does this function

 gets a list of all unique keywords/tags that are in use by the
specified service irrespective of the uri or id of the entity

Returns an array of string arrays in format [Keyword, KeywordCount]
<method name="GetList">

2) char ** tracker_keywords_get       (TrackerClient *client, ServiceType
service, const char *id, GError **error);  I guess this function
returns a NULL terminateed array of strings, which are the keywords
that the file "id" has in the specified service. Unfortunately the
first entry is always NULL. I've tested it with documents and with
music files... What's wrong with this?

It gives you the keywords (tags) for a file. Have you use "_set"
previously to set some keywords?



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