Re: [Tracker] tracker & nautilus integration += metatags

Hi, yelo_3

 There is no method "get_all_metadata (const gchar *uri)" in the API.
Maybe we can consider to add it for next versions.
 You can use:

<method name="Get">
        <arg type="s" name="service" direction="in" />
        <arg type="s" name="id" direction="in" />
        <arg type="as" name="keys" direction="in" />
        <arg type="as" name="values" direction="out" />


* "service" is the type of the file ("Music", "Video",...) 
* "id" is the uri
* "keys" is an array of properties to ask.

 for example:

tracker.Get ("Music", "/home/yelo3/music/u2_one.mp3", ["Audio.Artist",

 will return:

["u2", "one"]




El dom, 06-07-2008 a las 13:06 +0200, ext yelo_3 escribiÃ:
I think that nautilus integration can be improved a lot, so I'm trying
to write a new extension that lets users view file metadata in the
"list view" of nautilus.
This is done filling files with attributes.
I started the project with the idea of showing media tags (artist,
album, ecc.) and so I had a look at totem's code. But now I realized
that maybe racker (or better to say XESAM) could be used for this aim.
So, does tracker have an interface of this type,

 extract_metatags(const char* uri)

which saves in a list the couples (MetaTag name, MetaTag value) so
they can be stored in nautilus file representations, and shown in the
detailed list view?

Thank you very much for your help. I hope that this extension will be
ready soon. I have the "skeleton" ready, only the tag extract part is
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