Re: Patch: do not convert all text parts to UTF-8


Dirk-Jan Binnema nokia com wrote:
> Hmmmm.... one comment, do we have some example message that fails
> without this patch?

HTML emails with charset 8859-1 were converted to UTF-8 and the header still 
specified the original charset. The the HTML viewer was trying to convert 
characters from 8859-1 but it was already UTF-8. So my french mails were 

> And are there mails that worked before, but could break with this?

Mails that are nor plain text nor html ?

Parts like diff (text/x-diff) won't be converted and I'm sure it's better.

> Potentially, the patch could change the behaviour for many mails, so I
> guess it's
> important to make sure it does not break anything.

Yes, the behaviour is changed. I'm not sure it's perfect but I'm sure it's 


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