The HTML component for GtkMozEmbed is enormously improved

I basically rewrote it.

It will now use the stream API of GtkMozEmbed to stream-in the HTML data
rather than write it to a temporary file.

The loading of URL's will be blocked (I haven't yet figured out how to
also block images, but this is probably going to be something with the
net_start and net_stop signals and therefore most likely doable).

It would be nice if the component had some settings like "block images"
and "block Java scripts" and "resize automatically" and "whatever such a
HTML component does". I hope people will join me on this one (I'm not
getting sponsored to do this by a company, so sooner or later I'm going
to drop working on this a little bit -- prioritising my own time).

Blocking certain things might mean having to search and replace tags
while streaming (for example killing the <SCRIPT> tag). Maybe a simple
mozilla setting can be applied that simply disables JavaScript. I don't
know, I'm not an expert on this, and I can most certainly use your
assistance on finding all this out.

I will also support and port the GtkHTML one from Modest as soon as I
can legally do this. Webkit and GtkWebCore versions would also be
accepted and committed almost immediately.

GtkMozEmbed does not, unlike GtkHTML, support letting the embedding
application draw images (for example images that are attached). It might
get supported someday but I'm not seeing support for this today.

The MozEmbed component was once totally unusable. Today it most
certainly is usable. So I'm also reenabling it in the defaults for
tinymail. As soon as the GtkHTML version is available, that will most
likely become the default HTML component (if available).

Opinions? Thoughts? Code?

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org
work: vanhoof at x-tend dot be

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