Re: [tasque-list] tasque-list Digest, Vol 24, Issue 1

TLRO>I'm not one of the devs, but you'll get my 2ct anyway ;-)

- Hopefully, some developers are still reading :-)

TLRO>> When main window is open some elements are moved.
TLRO>I don't get that - what do you mean by "moved" ?

In main window I have sections:
- Overdue
- Future
- Completed. 

under completed on right there is zipper which can be moved from "All" to
"Last year, month... Yesterday" 

Mainly this one is moved/smudged. Some elements of written tasks are
something coming over this zipper. I wanted to make  screenshot but
obviously now it works fine :P


TLRO>> Also - if possible, could you please add option to save settings ?
TLRO>> System crashed do happen and it will be excellent feature to be able
TLRO>> to save all tasks and all settings into a file which can be restored.
TLRO>Again I don't get that. For me Settings are saved after I changed them
TLRO>- so after a crash they are restored.
TLRO>And tasks are saved 5 seconds or so after I typed then (I am using the
TLRO>RTM backend) -
TLRO>so after a crasch I might miss the very last task I typed in, but that's
TLRO>it. Can you be a bit more specific on what your use-case is?

- Lets say I want to clean my linux and install new version. After that I
  would like to install tasque and "add" to empty programs all my tasks
  previously saved. In other word I was wondering if tasks can be saved in
  external file. 


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