Re: [tasque-list] RTM failed to get task list

> Glad it fixed the issue, but I'm surprised about a speed improvement.
> Communication with RTM should actually be slower now, on average (the
> problem with RTM was that we were making requests too freqently, so I had to
> put in a 1 second delay per request...and we make a few requests on every
> action, basically).

Ah, interesting. I ran the old version again, looks like it takes the
longest right while the "[Debug] Exception..." lines are being output:
maybe 3 seconds each line. Not sure if that helps.

Here are my anecdotal timings to get to the task list display (I just
hit CTRL-C once the debug output stopped with "Backend sync

0.1.6: 19.025 sec
0.1.8: 10.313 sec

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