Re: [tasque-list] Date format in Tasque


The following is probably slightly off topic but I hope you will bear with me.

I have begun using MonoDevelop and I am a bit intrigued by the use of
a couple of words. Since English is not my mother tongue I need a
little help from someone who has English as her/his first language.

The words I have problem with are 'Project' and 'Solution' The way I
see MonoDevelop use them, they are the same thing. There are two
buttons in the MonoDevelop IDE: 'Build Project' and 'Build the
Solution' and when I push them they do the same: do a build, i.e. run

In my world the two words have different meanings. The Oxford
Dictionary has 'Project' as. "n [C) (plan for a) scheme or
undertaking" and 'Solution' as (1st entry) "n [C] answer (to a
question, etc); way of dealing with difficulty".

Could someone please enlighten me on the meaning in MonoDevelop, please.

Or have I run into one of the differences between British English and
Americam English?

Kind regards,


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