Re: [tasque-list] Date format in Tasque

Hi List

Sandy suggested that I put the following conversation between him and
me on this list. It concerns my attempt to build Tasque 'by hand' on a
Gentoo/KDE platform. At the end there is a brief status report.

On 12. feb. 2009 at 22.14 I wrote:

Hi Sandy

FYI I have started to look into the world of Tasque. It is, however,
apparently an uphill struggle, at least in my Linux environment. I use
KDE on Gentoo and the Gentoo package manager does not take lightly to
Tasque. Everything is masked and now I cannot even update my system.

I will probably have to remove Tasque from Portage and build it by
hand instead. I have already given that a try, but that is not easy
either. I checked the source out of the SVN repository following the
hints on the page you referred me to. The autogen run ended with this

"checking for EVOLUTION_SHARP... configure: error: Package
requirements (evolution-sharp >= 0.18.1) were not met:

Requested 'evolution-sharp >= 0.18.1' but version of Evolution is 0.17.4"

My attempt to update evolution-sharp ended in the same mess as when I
tried to update Tasque (My Tasque is 0.1.7)

I do not expect you to help me out of this - using Gentoo is my own
choice after all.
I'm rather tired of Gentoo right now. I have read - and also noticed -
that Gentoo is rather slow in updating these days. Perhaps I should
take a look at Sabayon...

I have previously used openSUSE so that is another alternative. I
might even give it a try without abandoning Gentoo because I have a
VirtualBox on this PC and I could install openSUSE there.

Please take all of this as just the rambling of a somewhat depressed
man who is also a bit tired. Tomorrow I will give a class at my Linux
course (I give a course called 'Linux Networking and Security' at the
Engineering University College of Copenhagen) so the world will look
bright and sunny after that.

Best regards,


Ten minutes later Sandy answered:

I will try to get back to you on this this weekend.  Heading out of
town for a bit.  Try building without enabling the EDS backend.  Will
respond in more detail later.  Actually, maybe you should send this to
tasque-list so others can have a chance to help, or at least learn
from your experience.  :-)


Since then I have successfully built Tasque by not enabling the EDS
backend. I hadn't seen the connection between 'eds-backend' and

So now I have achieved two things:

1. I have an up-to-date Tasque
2. I have an up-tp-date Gentoo installation, because I un-installed
the Gentoo-provided Tasque (now that I have mu own) and thus got rid
of all the masked dependencies from Tasque.

The next step will be to try the Mono Development  IDE.

Kind regards,


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