Re: [tasque-list] Date format in Tasque


As promised (or threatened?) in the tread on release schedules here
are a few comments/questions.

I believe I understand the business of locale now, so it would be
interesting and challenging to try to mend this problem. Before I
commit, though, I fell I need some introduction to the Tasque/Gnome
way of doing  things.

I consider myself a competent C-programmer with some C++-experience,
so the programming itself should not present a problem - not for me at
least. So it is more the development environment, the error tracking
system, etc that I need a brief introduction into.

So if somebody on the project would take a few minutes and give me
some pointer I would appreciate it very much. It could be done using
private e-mail. There is no point in cluttering the list - unless of
course it turns out to be of common interest.

Kind regards,


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