Re: [tasque-list] Date format in Tasque

On 02/11/2009 03:22 AM, Bent wrote:

As promised (or threatened?) in the tread on release schedules here
are a few comments/questions.

I believe I understand the business of locale now, so it would be
interesting and challenging to try to mend this problem. Before I
commit, though, I fell I need some introduction to the Tasque/Gnome
way of doing  things.

Awesome!  Here is the existing bug report:

I consider myself a competent C-programmer with some C++-experience,
so the programming itself should not present a problem - not for me at
least. So it is more the development environment, the error tracking
system, etc that I need a brief introduction into.

Hopefully this page will answer most of your questions:

There is more information linked at the bottom.

I happen to like using the MonoDevelop IDE to write code for Tasque. There is a MonoDevelop solution (tasque.mds) at the top level of your SVN checkout. MonoDevelop knows about our makefiles, so when I issues a build command from the IDE, it really just calls `make`.

I think Brian prefers to write his code in vim, and build from the command line. Really, there aren't any restrictions there. But if you're just starting to look at Tasque, MonoDevelop might be nice because (if you're familiar with Visual Studio) you can use it as a means to explore the code.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.


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