Re: [tasque-list] Discussion : Tasque release schedules + Roadmap

Hi Sandy

2009/2/9 Sandy Armstrong <sanfordarmstrong gmail com>:
> ...
> As for scheduling, I have no idea what I can commit to.  But I can say that
> aligning with GNOME would only make things harder for me....
I'm using Tasque (succesfully) with KDE, so I see absolutely no point
in tying into the Gnome release schedule.

Also, at this stage of development I think that Tasque should adhere
to the lesson taught us by Linus Torvalds: Release early - and release

> Of course, if we have more developers/maintainers, this may be less of an
> issue.

I have this date format issue, so I might chip in. In order not to
clutter this thread, I have but a few question into that thread ('Date
Format in Tasque')


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