Re: [tasque-list] Discussion : Tasque release schedules + Roadmap

On 02/09/2009 10:41 AM, Johnny Jacob wrote:
Hello Tasquers,

Starting this thread to discuss Tasque's release schedules. So far we've
been having a ad-hoc style releases. Would be nice to have some sort of
criteria / schedule for releases.

Why ?
+ Keeps the motivation for development up.
+ Users would know when they'll get the new fixes.

Some thoughts from my tiny brain on release schedules :
+ Soft deadline dates with some targeted features.
+ Align with GNOME releases? (catch ppl when they want to try out the
new stuff )
+ Roadmap. We have quite a lot of major features in the pipeline (Local
cache, Hiveminder&  Toodledo backends)

Hit 'reply' now :) !

I think it's a good idea to come up with what features and major bugfixes are needed for a hypothetical 0.2.0 release, and plan out how many releases should happen before that would be ready.

Stuff that immediately comes to mind for me:
* Local cache (meaning that you can work offline with any backend, and have stuff automatically sync when you go back online...this may also include using multiple simultaneous backends)
* Customizable columns
* Fix irritating combobox behavior (which is downright unusable on Windows)
* Add more stuff to the dbus interface (events, etc) to make Tomboy's Tasque add-in more awesome

As for scheduling, I have no idea what I can commit to. But I can say that aligning with GNOME would only make things harder for me. I am currently ignoring Tasque because in the last weeks of this GNOME cycle I need to focus any spare time I have on Tomboy. I wouldn't be surprised if Brian has similar troubles, as a maintainer of Accerciser. In addition, I doubt that observing GNOME freezes would give us a lot of benefit at this time.

Of course, if we have more developers/maintainers, this may be less of an issue.


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