Re: [tasque-list] Building on Windows

Max Battcher wrote:
> Sandy Armstrong wrote:
>> Okay, this is fixed in SVN.  After your first build, there
>> shouldn't be any missing file issues (I know it looks like images
>> and stuff are missing, but they get moved in a pre-build event).  I
>>  just did a fresh checkout of Tasque on Vista, opened tasque.sln in
>>  Visual Studio 2008, and hit F5 and everything worked.  Please feel
>>  free to respond here or in bugzilla if you have further issues.
> On GtkApplication.Init() I'm getting a DllNotFoundException:
> Unable to load DLL 'libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll'
> I installed the Medsphere SDK that was mentioned in a previous
> message on this list...  Did it not install correctly or is there
> some environment variable I'm missing?

Did you make sure to restart after installing the SDK?

Are you using Vista?  Did you double-check the file paths in this file:

C:\Program Files\Medsphere\Gtk# SDK\etc\gtk-2.0

(for example, I needed to make a bunch of lines look like this:
"C:/Program Files/Medsphere/Gtk#


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