Re: [tasque-list] Building on Windows

Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> Max Battcher wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Tasque has become my secondary RTM client on my Ubuntu laptop (behind the
>> iCal feed in Thunderbird+Lightning).  I've yet to decide to switch to
>> Thunderbird on my Windows machine so I was hoping to make use of Tasque's
>> recent Windows support since Outlook doesn't seem to handle RTM's iCal at
>> all...
>> So I grabbed the latest SVN (revision 124) and made changes to .csproj to
>> eliminate most of the missing file/file in wrong place issues, but a major
>> file seems to be missing in SVN: WindowsApplication.cs.  Is this a file that
>> was accidentally not checked in?  I don't see it on the Gnome viewcvs
>> either.
> It was renamed to GtkApplication.  I apparently need to fix the project
> file.  Good catch!

Okay, this is fixed in SVN.  After your first build, there shouldn't be
any missing file issues (I know it looks like images and stuff are
missing, but they get moved in a pre-build event).  I just did a fresh
checkout of Tasque on Vista, opened tasque.sln in Visual Studio 2008,
and hit F5 and everything worked.  Please feel free to respond here or
in bugzilla if you have further issues.

And thanks for trying out Tasque!


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