Re: [tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up

John A. Lewis wrote:
> Looking at the RTM API briefly, I see that rtm.tasks.getList does in
> fact take an argument named 'filter' that can include a lot of
> different criteria, including 'status:incomplete' as a way to
> retrieve only active tasks.  This would be a nice way to shrink the
> size of the response, especially if the user has already unchecked
> "Show completed tasks" in Tasque.

Ah, that's a really good idea!

> rtm.tasks.getList also takes an argument called '|last_sync' as a
> timestamp for the last time the list was fetched and then only sends
> any changes that have occurred since.  Does the RTM backend for
> Tasque use this yet?  That would also seem to be a good way to shrink
> the size of the responses from RTM.| |||

We have an outstanding patch that begins the work of adding this
support; however, it doesn't really solve the issue of the first call
when Tasque starts.  Your other idea might be able to help work around
that, though.


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