Re: [tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up

Looking at the RTM API briefly, I see that rtm.tasks.getList does in fact take an argument named 'filter' that can include a lot of different criteria, including 'status:incomplete' as a way to retrieve only active tasks.  This would be a nice way to shrink the size of the response, especially if the user has already unchecked "Show completed tasks" in Tasque.

rtm.tasks.getList also takes an argument called 'last_sync' as a timestamp for the last time the list was fetched and then only sends any changes that have occurred since.  Does the RTM backend for Tasque use this yet?  That would also seem to be a good way to shrink the size of the responses from RTM.

John A. Lewis wrote:
Just wanted to confirm that I am experiencing the same problem.  Not sure how many tasks I had (including completed ones) when the problem started -- probably around 90 or so.  After deleting all my completed tasks through the RTM website, I was again able to access my current tasks through Tasque.

Is it possible to only download the active tasks via the API?  I don't really have a need to see my completed tasks in Tasque, but it would be nice to keep them and access them via the RTM website.


Sandy Armstrong wrote:
Onur Yirmibesoglu wrote:
> However this doesn't address the issue, and there is still some cap
> to the amount of data transfer possible at one sync. I don't thing it
> is a network problem, it looks like more of an API issue to me.

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, we are being throttled back for
overuse of the API.  I don't know if we have some users with tons of
tasks and a really high update frequency, or just a lot of regular
users, or what.  I'm basing my theory off of this thread from the RTM
developer list:

As a test, I tried changing the URL we use from
"" to "", and Tasque
started working again.  Unfortunately we can't ship a change like that.

We need to do some investigation to figure out if what we can do, either
by calling different API method or by talking to the RTM guys.  Oh, and
the API docs say to keep requests to an average of 1 per second.  :-/ I'm looking at it right now...

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