Re: [tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up


I've had a similar problem. Everything was working fine until one day
Tasque was unable to retrieve my tasks from RTM (for me it was
completely blank). I had a similar error like this line with different
line and position:

[Debug]: Exception calling TasksGetList(list.ListID) Expected =, but
found EOF [-1]  Line 13, position 4253

I found no help by google research and I don't know anything about
programming so I decided to "sniff" the data transfer between RTM and
Tasque. My gut feeling was that I had somehow entered a corrupt
character or something within a task to cause the error at that
specific line and position. But when I got the XML file from the
network trace, I realized that the location in the error was in fact
the end of the file. No closing xml tag, just an abrupt end in the
middle of some task property. It seemed to be XML file transfer being
cut in the middle. I still don't know what the reason is, but I
figured if I shortened the XML data to be transferred it would make my
problem go away. Deleting the completed tasks from RTM did the trick
for me.

However this doesn't address the issue, and there is still some cap to
the amount of data transfer possible at one sync. I don't thing it is
a network problem, it looks like more of an API issue to me.

I hope this can help you;

[tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up


From: rramaza gmail com
To: tasque-list gnome org
Subject: [tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 22:02:50 -0600

I have been using Tasque with Remember the Milk for the past few
months, then yesterday when I started Tasque up, none of my
uncompleted or recently completed tasks appeared. The only tasks that
I can see are five from Sept 16-18 (and those aren't even all the
tasks on those days) and the very first task that was automatically
added by remember the milk.

Everything still shows up on the RTM website. New tasks that I create
or change from Tasque show up on the website, but changes made from
the website don't show up in Tasque.

This is the output that I get when I start tasque from the terminal

rosie persephone:~$ tasque
[Debug]: Tasque remote control active.
[Debug]: Found Available Backend: Tasque.Backends.RtmBackend.RtmBackend
[Debug]: Found Available Backend: Tasque.Backends.Sqlite.SqliteBackend
[Debug]: Found Available Backend: Tasque.Backends.EDS.EDSBackend
[Debug]: Tasque.exe location:  /usr/lib/tasque/Tasque.exe
[Info]: Searching for Backend DLLs in: /usr/lib/tasque
[Info]:     Reading /usr/lib/tasque/RtmNet.dll
[Debug]: Storing 'Tasque.Backends.RtmBackend.RtmBackend' = 'Remember the Milk'
[Debug]: Storing 'Tasque.Backends.Sqlite.SqliteBackend' = 'Local File'
[Debug]: Storing 'Tasque.Backends.EDS.EDSBackend' = 'Evolution Data Server'
[Debug]: CurrentBackend specified in Preferences:
[Info]: Using backend: Remember the Milk (Tasque.Backends.RtmBackend.RtmBackend)
[Debug]: Found AuthToken, checking credentials...
[Debug]: RTM Auth Token is valid!
[Debug]: Setting configured status to true
[Debug]: ThreadState: Unstarted
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateCategories was called
[Debug]: Configuration status: True
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateCategories is done
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateTasks was called
[Debug]: Exception calling TasksGetList(list.ListID) Expected =, but
found EOF [-1]  Line 13, position 4253.
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateTasks is done
[Debug]: Backend sync finished
[Debug]: Backend sync finished

I've tried updating tasque to 0.1.7 (previously I was running 0.1.6).
I've also tried complete removal of the package then reinstalling.
However, even when it get completely removed then reinstalled, my
remember the milk credentials don't get reset, so something is still
sticking around through that.



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