Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] boot-admin error??

El sáb, 09-02-2002 a las 00:09, Arturo Espinosa Aldama escribió:

> Very cool. The good thing is that you already had the icon!

I have to tell you that the icon was already in XST, it's called
sysv.png. I thought that it was related with runlevel-admin.

> Some suggestions:
> I would slim down the columns for priority and action to the minimum
> required (the width of the labels, it seems)...
> Also, in simple mode, only show the default runlevel, and thus, hide the
> notebook tabs as well (this may require some reparenting magic, not that
> difficult anyways). I think the backend already provides the default
> runlevel in the XML.

I thought that in simple mode should appear text and graphical mode (I
coded it in this way), but your suggestion is more sensible.

> Last, a general tab for advanced mode where to edit the default runlevel
> and a couple of buttons to edit the rc.local and rc.sysinit shell files
> would be cool. Ah, and a method to switch to a new runlevel.

Do you talk about sending rc.sysinit code and rc.local code over XML to
the backend? The backend should be the part of the program that makes
the changes.

Talking about switching to a new runlevel, do you mean executing init,
or changing the default runlevel in inittab?


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