Re: [Snowy] Snowy Hackfest Proposal

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 18:30, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to propose a Snowy Hackfest. I've talked to a few people
> privately, but anyone can propose a hackfest folllowing the New Hackfest
> guidelines.[1]

Great idea!

For completeness, here is the missing [1] link if I'm not mistaken:

> So what I need help with:
> 1. Who wants to help organize this with me?
> 2. When do we want to have it?  I've talked to Sandy and Brad, and we
> were all thinking of a short hackfest over a weekend in October (this
> will be tight from a timeline schedule to organize)  This would be a
> Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, fly out late Sunday, if possible.
> 3. Who wants to come?!

3. I would like to. Haven't done a lot of work on Snowy yet, but I'd
like to work on UX design, Django and the web frontend. I have some
experience with all three, so should be able to get things done.

2. As for me, any weekend in October would be fine except for 15-17.
I'm not sure about flying on Friday afternoons since I should be at
school the whole day, except for Oct 29.

> 4. Where?  Some of our core contributors are in Boston, Los Angeles, Las
> Vegas and a couple in Europe!  I think understanding #3 better will help
> answer this question.  I can understand the challenge for someone from
> Europe only coming for a weekend.

Except for the costs, it seems only fun to me to come to the USA for this.

> 5. Probably most important, what are our goals?  What features do we
> want to try and tackle?

I'm very interested in building a HTML5/JavaScript frontend that could
be used on mobile phones, continuing the work by sil:
But maybe the focus should be on getting the current 'HTML4' frontend
ready for release.


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