[Snowy] Snowy Hackfest Proposal


I'd like to propose a Snowy Hackfest. I've talked to a few people
privately, but anyone can propose a hackfest folllowing the New Hackfest

So what I need help with:

1. Who wants to help organize this with me?
2. When do we want to have it?  I've talked to Sandy and Brad, and we
were all thinking of a short hackfest over a weekend in October (this
will be tight from a timeline schedule to organize)  This would be a
Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, fly out late Sunday, if possible.
3. Who wants to come?!
4. Where?  Some of our core contributors are in Boston, Los Angeles, Las
Vegas and a couple in Europe!  I think understanding #3 better will help
answer this question.  I can understand the challenge for someone from
Europe only coming for a weekend.
5. Probably most important, what are our goals?  What features do we
want to try and tackle?

Once we understand #3 and #4 we have to share a funding request - we'll
need a rough idea of flight costs, hotel costs (need to find a hotel!)
and potential venue costs.  If the hackfest is just a small group of
people (3-5) we could potentially get a suite at a hotel and just use
that.  If it's more, maybe a hotel conference room, or have a sponsor
help with space (this may be a challenge of hosting a hackfest over a

So what I need ASAP is interest if you can come and what you want to
work on (or have the knowledge to work on).  We need Python and Django
hackers and maybe a designer would be nice.  Let's figure out our goals
and take it from there.



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