[Shotwell] tag_on_media_views_contents_altered: assertion failed: (is_removed)

Hi Jens,

thanks for your reply


I hope this list is the right place to get some support on shotwell.

ERROR:src/Tag.c:5880:tag_on_media_views_contents_altered: assertion
failed: (is_removed)

This is the old ticket https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71833

Is the link correct? I see a bug report with the title "Disabling
tooltips option for any selected widget is not working" and it seems not
directly related to the error message I see.

1 - What exactly are you doing when you get this bug?

The exeption occurs a short time after starting shotwell. The GUI is
availabe. But I do not do any action in the GUI. Shotwell has completed
updating the library. There are multiple messages
"PhotoMonitor.vala:1069: Unable to reimport [78288] <path to file> due
to master file changing: Unerwartet frühes Datenstromende" (Unexpected
end of file). But these messages have been around for a while. I
restored the file related to the last of these messages to exclude these
warnings as source of the assertion error.

The error occurs during the phase with the messages "Unable to reimport"
or right after.

Could anyone answer the following questions:
- What is not  removed, but should have been removed?

It's the other way round. The tag that is supposed to be removed from
the image is not present on it.

The issue seems to be a "momentarily" inconsistency, i.e. the tag
already been removed from the image before the event was triggered.

Is there a table in the database with pending operations on files?

- Is there a way to find out for which image the error occurs?

Probably only in the debugger

I will try gdb. Unsure about what to do once the error occurs.

- Is there a way to manually fix the database or the filesystem?

I think it's more of a runtime inconsistency or race condition

The problem occurs without user interaction as described above. So there
must be an inconsistency between the database and the file system. Also,
the error occurs with old backups of the database (which used to work).
So there must be some problem with an image in the file system.

Any suggestions on how to further narrow down the problem are welcome. I
will report on progress with gdb.

Kind regards

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