Re: [Shotwell] tag_on_media_views_contents_altered: assertion failed: (is_removed)


I hope this list is the right place to get some support on shotwell.

ERROR:src/Tag.c:5880:tag_on_media_views_contents_altered: assertion
failed: (is_removed)

This is the old ticket
1 - What exactly are you doing when you get this bug?

Could anyone answer the following questions:
- What is not  removed, but should have been removed?

It's the other way round. The tag that is supposed to be removed from
the image is not present on it.

The issue seems to be a "momentarily" inconsistency, i.e. the tag
already been removed from the image before the event was triggered.

- Is there a way to find out for which image the error occurs?

Probably only in the debugger

- Is there a way to manually fix the database or the filesystem?

I think it's more of a runtime inconsistency or race condition

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