[Shotwell] tag_on_media_views_contents_altered: assertion failed: (is_removed)

Dear all,

I hope this list is the right place to get some support on shotwell.

I've been using shotwell for a while and like it a lot. So first of all:
thanks for the great work.

Recently, shotwell crashes with the following error:

ERROR:src/Tag.c:5880:tag_on_media_views_contents_altered: assertion
failed: (is_removed)

(This is version 0.22.0)

What I checked so far:
- The error also occurs with the version from  ppa:yg-jensge/shotwell
- The database is OK (running "pragma integrity_check;" with sqlite3)
- The error also occurs with older backups of the database
- I wasn't able to understand the problem from the source looking into
it for a few minutes

I guess that there is an inconsistency between the sqlite3-database and
the images on the file system.

Could anyone answer the following questions:
- What is not  removed, but should have been removed?
- Is there a way to find out for which image the error occurs?
- Is there a way to manually fix the database or the filesystem?

Kind regards

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