Re: [Shotwell] Thumbnails for videos

On 2017년 01월 19일 09:57, Andreas Brauchli wrote:
That probably stems from running your live photo collection on a
development version of shotwell which is never advisable. The map-
widget  or libchamplain branches of mine increases the schema version
and thus makes it incompatible

"Told you so" isn't going to do much good and the change is basically
compatible, so if you were running the map-widget branch, you can
* Delete your shotwell DB and reimport all your photos or
* Manually downgrade your DB version (install sqliteman, then change
the schema version back to 20 on the DB

Keep a backup of the DB in case it doesn't work.

Hi Andreas.
that seems feasible, might give it a try. Or how about waiting it out? Just hoping for the map widget to be merged one day into master? How long might this take?

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