Re: [Shotwell] Thumbnails for videos

On Thu, 2017-01-19 at 09:42 +0100, Max wrote:
On 2017년 01월 19일 09:23, Andreas Brauchli wrote:
What does `which shotwell' tell? If it's not /usr/bin/shotwell
likely it'd be /usr/local/bin/shotwell - note the 'local') you're
running the packaged version. Local binaries take priority over
packaged ones.

aha! you are right:

To remove the locally installed version, go to your shotwell source
folder, check out the 0.23.5 tag and run "make uninstall"

my source folder is the above path? How do I check out a tag?
No, it's where you cloned the git repo. Likely somewhere in your $HOME.

# Careful, git checkout -f will throw away any uncommitted local
# changes
git checkout -f shotwell-0.23.5
make uninstall

if make uninstall fails, try running `./' first


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