Re: [Shotwell] Thumbnails for videos

Hey Max

Good eye. Looks like you may be running a custom copy.

What does `which shotwell' tell? If it's not /usr/bin/shotwell (most
likely it'd be /usr/local/bin/shotwell - note the 'local') you're not
running the packaged version. Local binaries take priority over
packaged ones.

To remove the locally installed version, go to your shotwell source
folder, check out the 0.23.5 tag and run "make uninstall"

To keep it installed, but run the packaged version run it using the
full path `/usr/bin/shotwell'


On Thu, 2017-01-19 at 09:07 +0100, Max wrote:
On 2017년 01월 18일 11:28, Max wrote:
dpkg -l | grep shotwell

the ppa just got updated and pushed it to
ii  shotwell 
0.25.3-0~jensge1~xenial1                              amd64 
Digital photo manager

however, in the About infobox it still says 0.23.5

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