Re: [Shotwell] Hi!

Hello!  It's great to hear you're interested in working on Shotwell.  I saw your work on the crasher, so it looks like you're on your way.

Like most open-source projects, there's plenty to do.  Aside from browsing the ticket list, I would suggest going through the application and asking yourself what you'd like to see changed.  "Scratching an itch" is often how most open-source work is motivated.  I would recommend starting small (which you have so far, so you're on the right track) and moving upwards.

If you still can't find something to work on, please let me know and I'll find something for you.


-- Jim

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 4:48 AM, Tobia Tesan <tobia tesan gmail com> wrote:
Hi, I'm Tobia, from Italy.
I'm studying for my BS in CS, have previously worked for a couple of companies - mainly web portals and stuff - and was a GSOC student for the ScummVM project last year.
I think Shotwell is an important piece of software and looks interesting to hack on, I'd like to contribute a little in my spare time.
Disclaimer: I'm no ace, my purpouse would be in no small part to get some exercise and learn stuff.

I've started with attacking this one (really simple) ticket to get my feet wet - you can find the link to the proposed patch in the comments:

Is there anything you can suggest?
Interesting tickets to try and fix, IRC channels and pages to keep an eye on, suggestions?


Tobia Tesan
<tobia tesan gmail com>
"We took a perfectly useless psychopath like Valentine, and turned him
 into a successful executive. And during the same time, we turned an
 honest, hard-working man into a violent, deranged, would-be killer!"
        -- Trading Places

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