Re: [Shotwell] Hi!

On 25/09/2014 20:51, Jim Nelson wrote:
Hello! It's great to hear you're interested in working on Shotwell. I saw your work on the crasher, so it looks like you're on your way.

Hi Jim, thanks for answering my post.

Like most open-source projects, there's plenty to do. Aside from browsing the ticket list, I would suggest going through the application and asking yourself what you'd like to see changed. "Scratching an itch" is often how most open-source work is motivated. I would recommend starting small (which you have so far, so you're on the right track) and moving upwards.

Thanks for the advice!

Actually, the first ticket I attacked (#717960, natural sorting) /is/ one of my pet peeves - I know fully well that those provide the best motivation :-)

Another one of my itches is detailed in #716598 (make tag names semi-insensitive). I had a very quick glance at it earlier on during my lunch break - it seems feasible, but looking at the way the tag "tree" is handled I suspect it's not trivial as it sounds and it could be a couple of days of work - e.g., I still am not really sure about where the various entry points for new tags are.

I'll probably get to play with it a bit this weekend, I'll keep you posted if I get anywhere /or/ if I get really stuck :-)

Tobia Tesan
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