Re: [Shotwell] copying shotwell thumbnails

On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:07 AM, Holger Schmeisky <holger s fu-berlin de> wrote:
Shotwell detects the pictures just fine, it is just very annoying that it does not use the 30000 thumbnails that already exist. Is there any reason the file IDs could be different on the new machine ? (thumb000000000000a1a4)

Those thumbnail filenames come from the database.  In other words, the thumb file you listed above is for the photo at rowid 0xa1a4 (41380 decimal).  If you moved the database and the thumbnail cache to the right locations on the new machine, and all the photos in your library are in the same file path, I'm kind of mystified why Shotwell would need to regenerate the thumbnails.  If any thing is different or missing, though, that would explain at least some of the problem.

By the way, would it be possible to move the pictures to another location by updating the paths in the database directly? Or are there other attributes that depend on that?

We generally discourage manually altering the database.  If you move a photo in your Pictures folder to another directory in your Pictures folder, Shotwell will detect that and make the appropriate changes in the database.  Otherwise, you'll need to re-import the photo from the new location for Shotwell to recognize it.

-- Jim

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