[Shotwell] Shotwell is laging on startup

Hi Yorba/Gnome devs. I have a problem with slow startup for more than a
year now. Shotwell turns very slow and I need to wait for 10 minutes
before I can use it. No action can be performed during this period. I
suppose that the problem is in EXIV2, giving me messages like:

L 12618 2014-04-24 01:25:19 [CRT] Directory Canon with 25665 entries
considered invalid; not read.

There is a lot of this messages, and afterwards Shotwell is OK.

I tried „--no-runtime-monitoring“ option and it didn’t help.

PS. Shotwell is great software. Aside this bug and RAW handling it is
almost a dream come true for me as a photographer. Hoping to get better
in future.

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