Re: [Shotwell] copying shotwell thumbnails


I'm not exactly sure what the problem is here.  The real trick to moving
Shotwell libraries from one machine to another is to ensure that every
file is placed in the same file path -- that includes your home
directory's name.  So, if I went from one machine where my user name is
"jim" to a machine where my user name is "jnelson", there's going to be
problems.  External hard drives are also a problem.  I noticed that an
earlier version of Ubuntu the mount point changed from "/media/<drive
id>" to "/media/<user name>/<drive id>".  That's a similar issue.

I did just that: on both machines the user has the same name and the picture files are exactly in the same path (I use a symlink from ~/Pictures that saved me from the trouble from that path renaming :-):


Shotwell detects the pictures just fine, it is just very annoying that it does not use the 30000 thumbnails that already exist. Is there any reason the file IDs could be different on the new machine ? (thumb000000000000a1a4)

By the way, would it be possible to move the pictures to another location by updating the paths in the database directly? Or are there other attributes that depend on that?


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