Re: no saving of passphrases

On 2012-04-05 09:45, david gbenet com wrote:
> Secondly, I have a major issue with seahorse-agent on Linux Mint. When I run Encryption and
> Keyrings then select PGP Passphrases - Remember PGP Passphrases it states that "A supported
> PGP passphrase caching agent is not running.
> When I run from a terminal seahorse-agent I get "**Message: Another GPG agent already running."
> I ran Top to see what was running - nothing. In my start-up environment I have:
> Certificate and Key Storage - Gnome Keyring: PKCS#11 Component
> Secrete Storage Service: Gnome keyring: Secret Service
> SSH Key Agent: Gnome Keyring: SSH Agent.
> I am at a loss - I even reinstalled seahorse!

The GPG agent is provided by gonme-keyring. It should be listed in
gnome-session-properties. Is that what you used to list your 'start-up
environment' above?



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