Re: Splitting out key sharing stuff from seahorse-daemon

Le lundi 04 octobre 2010 à 07:36 -0500, Stef Walter a écrit :
> I can't remember if I already posted about this, blush ...
> I think it's a good idea to split out the DNS-SD + HKP key server stuff
> into its own project: seahorse-sharing
> Reasons:
>  * This is in the vein of making seahorse be a great key manager, and
>    just a key manager. Makes the project more manageable.
>  * The key sharing didn't share much code with seahorse at all.
>  * Allows other folks to easily hack on seahorse-sharing, adding useful
>    features for key signing parties or other innovative uses.
> Any objections?

sounds like sane arguments, keep up the good work

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